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Here's an exclusive look at the country star's brand new music video!

Eric's Busy Year! 🎤

It's been quite the year for Eric Ethridge!

The singer spent the past year traveling around the country in an RV, releasing his debut album, and even has a baby on the way!

Despite his busy schedule, the star took some time to exclusively chat all about his new single, "Sad Songs," and what he's looking forward to most as a new dad.

"With this video that you guys are premiering, we did something really exciting. Because of the pandemic, we couldn't get together a normal video shoot, so we decided to work with a few animators. I actually filmed myself and we did a whole CGI video, so this is the first time I've ever attempted this," Ethridge said.

2020 certainly marked a darker and sad time for many people, so the country star is hoping the song can resonate with fans.

"This song, to me, is really about going through a rough time and pulling through and creating a better situation for yourself. It's more of an empowering, positive spin on the idea!"

The positivity doesn't stop there! Eric and his wife, Kalsey Kulyk, recently found out that they're bringing a bundle of joy into the world.

"At the time, my wife and I had moved into a van and we were traveling across the country, playing shows from the roof of it. The one thing we didn't plan for was getting pregnant! Well, change of plans! But, it's the best possible thing that could have come out of 2020 and I can't wait to be a dad, so it's really exciting."

Congratulations Eric! "Sad Songs" is available now on all platforms and you can watch the exclusive music video below.

Exclusive: "Sad Songs" Music Video! 📺⬇️

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