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Ernie Hudson sat down with our Hollywood Insider Arthur Kade to talk about his new movie Redemption Day.

Redemption Day is an action packed new film about a former marine who must now head back overseas, to help rescue his kidnapped wife. The film boasts a strong cast, with Andy Garcia starring alongside Hudson. When Kade asked about the film, Hudson shared:

"I play a dad and veteran who comes home with PTSD and is struggling to hold his life together. And then his wife, who's an archaeologist, crosses a border, and is kidnapped", Hudson said of the film. "For me, it's about family relationships, and how do I be there to support my son. The movie itself is a real action movie, at this stage of my life I'm always disappointed I'm not part of the action, kicking in doors."

More to Come from Hudson? 

Ernie won't be kicking any doors in, but you'll see him fighting plenty of ghosts in the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife. With the recent announcement of the film being delayed to November 2021 due to COVID, Hudson shared with Kade how much it means to him to rejoin the iconic franchise:

"To go back after 35 years, and rejoin with that group, realizing how much of an impact this had on me and my career, it was almost, I mean, it was spiritual, I almost teared up just seeing the guys and the jumpsuits and meeting the new cast, it's just very very special, and I'm thankful to be a part of it."

You can watch Hudson in Redemption Day on VOD now!

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