They're back, and better than ever!

Last night, HBO Max aired the season 2 premiere of the Emmy Award-Winning Series 'Euphoria.'

Fans took to Twitter last night to complain about the technical difficulties they were having with the streaming platform. It seemed that since so many people were trying to stream the same show at the same time, HBO Max had some issues. After ten or so minutes, everything seemed to go back to normal and fans began watching the hour-long premiere.

To say this episode was action packed is the bare minimum.

'Euphoria' tackles a lot of extremely heavy topics such as sexuality, gender identity, addiction, body image, abuse, and more.


The season two premiere opened with a flashback into the life of Fezco, the drug dealer, and his "business partner", Ashtray. Here we got the inside look of what made Fez the person he is today. His grandmother raised him, and we discovered that she, herself, was a drug dealer and brought Fez literally everywhere with her, even dangerous drug deals. We then learned how Fez and Ash's relationship came to be, which was by Ash's birth parents leaving him on their front doorstep.

Once this flashback scene is over, we see Rue in the backseat of the car with Fez driving and Ash in the passenger seat. Rue is snorting god-knows-what, and this confirms the speculation: she has relapsed. They get involved with a very serious and dangerous drug deal, and the scenes we have to endure are quite explicit and scary.

Then the New Years Party... Maddy, Jules, and Kat all walked in together.

Kat is still dating her classmate-turned-boyfriend, and they seem pretty serious considering they said 'I love you' to each other!

Maddy is still a stylish, sassy queen who was flirting with a potential new character named Travis. Or should I say, Travis was flirting with her and she was just... dealing with it.

Meanwhile, Cassie and Nate had quite the moment. One run in at a convenience store and a car ride later, they end up having sex in the bathroom at the party. The bathroom that Maddy and Travis are waiting to go in to smoke some pot.

So while Maddy is banging on the door to get Nate to hurry up, convinced he is just taking a shit, Nate is literally banging his ex's best friend. And her best friend is banging her ex. Luckily enough for both Cassie and Nate, Maddy never found out through quite a bit of good fortune.

At the same time, Cassie's ex-boyfriend McKay shows up and he clearly is missing her, but she quickly shuts it down by blaming herself for not being a "good person".

At the same party, Rue meets Elliot (played by Dominic Fike), in the laundry room and they do drugs together. Elliot has no idea Rue just did heroine before this and should not be continuing with anything else. A lot of drugs later, Rue almost overdoses but takes adderall to get her heart beating again. Elliot seems to be a new major character in the show. It seems that he and Rue will become close friends, but will that impact her relationship with Jules?

Things between Rue and Jules seemed a bit confusing and awkward at first, but at the end of the episode Rue confessed her feelings to Jules which resulted in a passionate and steamy kiss. Does this mean they will be together now, as an official couple? Only time will tell.

Something that drove fans wild during the premiere was the beginning looks at what seems to be a new relationship blossoming between Lexi and Fez. Innocent Lexi and badass (with a heart of gold) Fez were flirting on the couch pretty much the whole night. And let me just say, it was adorable. Until it wasn't.

At the very end of the episode, Fez excused himself from Lexi (after getting her phone number, of course) and proceeded to take his sweater off and suspiciously start conversation with Nate. At first, conversation seems innocent, like Fez might actually want a fresh start with Nate after all of the drama of last season. Then, BOOM. Fez smacks a bottle of alcohol over Nate's head and beats him up with his bare fists. A bloody and mangled Nate is ripped away from Fez, and hopefully rushed to the hospital.

This was how the first episode ended. Intrigued yet? There is so much more drama to come, but for a season two premiere... fans did not seem to complain.

Watch Euphoria with caution. A lot of the scenes in this show are made for mature audiences only.

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