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Zendaya Roots for a Sober Rue in 'Euphoria' Season 3

The star of the hit HBO Max show 'Euphoria' is hoping that her character, Rue, will stay on her sober path.

Zendaya is hoping for her character, Rue, to continue on her sobriety streak during season three of hit HBO Max show Euphoria.

Rue has dealt with a lot of trauma and hardship throughout seasons 1 and 2 of Euphoria. Her addiction has caused her to enter rehab multiple times, and it has caused a lot of strain on her relationships with family members and friends, as we saw in season 2.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Online, Zendaya talked about how she thinks a sober Rue is what the audience needs to see. She said,

"I think that's what we need. I think that's what the world needs. So, if you can hold onto that, if you can bear with her through those painful moments, if you can still root for her, then maybe there is some hope at the end."

When Jacob Elordi, the Australian actor who plays Nate on the show, was asked about the season 3 plot line, to which he responded:

"Given the change in the second season, I'd imagine [season 3] would just be a complete shock again. It could just be like a completely new show again."

Seasons 1 and 2 of Euphoria are available to stream on HBO Max.

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