Tiny World - Woodland Hercules Beetle Battle | Apple TV+

It's a "Tiny World" after all as Paul Rudd's latest project brings bugs into your home...well, onto your streaming devices!

This new series premiering on Apple TV+ includes narration by none other than Paul Rudd, who is best known for his superhero role in Marvel's Ant-Man. While ants are most definitely featured in this nature style documentary series, Rudd will simply act as a narrator for the creepy crawlies.

Tiny World will showcase some of the world's strongest heroes in their tiniest forms. It's all about small creatures and the extraordinary things they do to survive. From beetles to lizards, see how these little guys face off in challenges against the world and each other.

Renowned filmmaker, Tom Hugh-Jones, filmed over 200 species which involved 10 years on location, 140 hours of drone footage, and three hours of footage filmed with an iphone.

You can stream the first six episodes of Tiny World now on Apple TV+.

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