Fear the Walking Dead: Survival

Inspired by the events of Fear the Walking Dead’s first season, this new Las Vegas experience immerses fans in a crumbling world at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

“The show is driven by the fans, so it’s just a part of the fan experience.” - Chris Hardwick, host of Talking Dead

As the uninfected (you hope), you are evacuated from the site of a zombie outbreak.

“It’s fun, it’s reckless, it’s gonna be a killer.” Colman Domingo, star of Fear the Walking Dead

Part escape room, part haunted house, part maze, and part motion ride, the experience will challenge your senses. The culmination is an interactive, 3D video game in which you have to blow away zombies before they make you their lunch.

“Of all of our 200 attractions around the world, it’s probably the most ambitious, and innovative attraction that we’ve ever developed.” - Ernest Yale, Triotech Entertainment

Next time you find yourself in Las Vegas, visit Fear the Walking Dead: Survival at the Fremont Street Experience.

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