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For the past decade, YouTube has been the main source for viewing music videos. Now, Facebook will become another source for music videos. Starting next month, Facebook will post new music videos to their platform.

A New Music Video Destination

According to Techcrunch, in a new update, owners of artists' facebook page have the ability to toggle on a new setting that adds a section of music videos to their page. Prior to this, because of licensing, artists were only able to add a clip of their music videos. Artists have posted only short snippets of their music videos to Facebook for promotional reasons. Next month, however, major US labels are allowing Facebook to add music videos to their artists' page.

Facebook has been in the process of negotiating deals with top record labels since late 2019, Bloomberg reports. Universal Music Group, Sony Music and Warner Music Group have all been asked for music video rights by Facebook.

A Challenge to YouTube

YouTube has been common source for music videos. According to an IFPI report from 2018, half of time spent listening to on-demand music has been on YouTube. This means that music is listened to more on YouTube than any other streaming platform, like Spotify or Apple Music.

Official Music Pages

Page owners can decide to add their music videos by the deadline, August 1st. If the artist misses the deadline, Facebook will create a second page on behalf of the artist, called "[Artist Name] Official Music" where Facebook will have control over the page. These pages will be accessible from the Facebook Watch tab.

Starting this August, you will now be able to watch your favorite artists' music videos right from Facebook.

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