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This new series shines a light on relationships that ended in tragedy.

Judge Faith Jenkins is moving from the courtroom to a new beat. She's now hosting the true crime series Killer Relationship.

"I came up with the idea for this show because I wanted to tap into my background as a former criminal prosecutor in Manhattan and also my background dealing with relationships, not only in family court in New York, but also on television on the court shows I've hosted. This show is a combination of the two," Jenkins said.

The series takes viewers into real cases exploring how a seemingly normal relationship turns deadly.

"The twist with this show... it doesn't end in a separation, it doesn't end in divorce... it ends in death. The question is ... why? What makes someone go to that level of extreme when they are breaking up and separating from someone?"

Jenkins is hoping the new show will add something different to the true crime genre.

"This show is a passion project of mine and I believe there should be a diversity of voices in storytelling. Most of the people in our cases have not committed crimes before. They were really stand up people in their lives and communities and then something happened that made them snap."

Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins airs Sunday nights on Oxygen.

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