Fall TV: Stars Of 'Kin,' 'Pretty Hard Cases' & 'All The Queen's Men' Open Up On Show Themes | CPTV
Stars of three brand new shows are spilling on the new content TV lovers can enjoy.

Kin centers around The Kinsellas, a small but close crime family set in Dublin, Ireland who decide to take on a powerful drug cartel. Actor Charlie Cox describes the crime element in the series.

"We joke it's like a Sopranos meets Normal People. It's a crime family, but the crime element of the show is not relied on very heavily for the drama. It's really about these people, this family dynamic and how when they come up against great adversity, the family fractures and how the individuals respond to that," Cox said.

Kin is now streaming on AMC+.

Pretty Hard Cases follows detectives Samantha Wazowski and Detective Kelly Duff in action as they work together to fight crime. Meredith MacNeill, who plays Detective Wazowski, talked about the good nature of the show.

"With the buddy cop show it's fun and it has a great message behind it," MacNeill said.

Adrienne C. Moore, who plays Detective Duff, opened up on the various ways the audience can connect with the show's themes.

"There will be so many different levels that people can connect with, whether it be friendship, whether it be love, whether it be the fact the relationship between police and the community under so many connections that I think audiences will find palpable for them," Moore said.

Pretty Hard Cases is streaming now on IMDB TV.

Finally, All The Queen's Men, created by Christian Keyes, finds Eva Marcille playing a fierce businesswoman in the nightclub industry. Marcille opened up on her character's aspirations.

"I play a fearless businesswoman that is cutthroat and is determined to take over the city of Atlanta. It's a story about an amazing woman that does what she needs to do to get what she deserves," Marcille said.

The series' creator Christian Keyes talked about the show's humble beginnings, which stems from a book.

"I wrote this book 11 years ago. I wanted to create a world where it's okay and it's normalized for women to be amazing and unapologetically feminine," Keyes said.

All The Queen's Men is streaming now on BET+.

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