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Rachel and Richie are back on screen together!

Telma Hopkins and Bryton James were in all of our living rooms back on the majorly successful sitcom, Family Matters.

Now, Hopkins is joining her on-screen son in his Emmy-winning soap, The Young and the Restless.

"I'm such a fan of the show. The very fact that I'm here is absolutely nuts," Hopkins said.

James has won four Emmys for his role as Devon on the show, but at the age of three, he was winning the hearts of TGIF fans as Richie Crawford.

"I also had the best on-screen mother in the world, who made every day on set just a treat and a joy. I never once didn't enjoy being on set," James said.

The two collide on the CBS set when Hopkins joins the cast as Denise Tolliver, a private detective who digs into Amanda's past.

"[Denise] doesn't know Devon when she gets there. That was some acting for us... just to act like we didn't know each other! She comes on the show to help out his lady, with a problem she has," Hopkins said.

You can catch Telma's debut on The Young and the Restless June 1st on CBS.

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