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Rachel Smith sat down with the cast to get the inside scoop on season three of the hit Netflix series Family Reunion starring Tia Mowry.

The uplifting comedy series follows a family of six traveling from Washington to Georgia for their family reunion when they decide to stay with their family.

Loretta Devine, who plays the old-fashioned matriarch of the family, talked to Rachel about the upbeat, fun feeling the show brings:

"I was excited about it, I didn't know that it was gonna be as wonderful as it has turned out to be. The entire thing has just made my life so much more exciting because of the babies that are in it."

Given the theme of the show, we talked to the stars about how important family reunions are now and will continue to be given the pandemic. Rachel asked if this has affected Tia seeing her twin sister Tamera at all:

"You know, I haven't seen her as much as I would want or would like to. We're excited 'cause we have a planned date to spend time with the entire family this coming weekend. Everyone will be able to have those incredible family reunions that keep all of us just going and happy about life, because it's about family and love in the end."

Anthony Alabi, who plays Tia's husband in the show, added:

"And I think being able to turn on this show and see people that are thriving and seeing people that are having real experiences and not talking about anything that's going on outside- your ability to get lost in that show and that world, it's great"

You can get lost in the world of Family Reunion, streaming on Netflix now!

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