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Who's ready for seconds? Fast Foodies is back!

Join Top Chef winners Kristen Kish and Jeremy Ford, along with Iron Chef winner Justin Sutherland as they take on a whole new season of recreating everyone's favorite fast food meals.

"We're pulling from not only just the staple fast foods, the McDonald's and the Wendy's and things, you know. We're reaching into Shake Shack and perhaps some more fast casual items, less so fast food drive-thru style," Kristen Kish said.

Each episode welcomes a celebrity guest to bring their favorite fast food dish to the chefs for them to recreate and reimagine. In the first "copy cat" round, the chefs must remake the dish exactly as is. In the second round, the chefs get to remix the dish adding in their own creative flavor and flare.

But what's a cooking show without a little spice?

The three chefs will battle it out against one another to create the very best dish in order to win the "Championship Trophy."

Justin Sutherland commented on the friendly competition between the fellow chefs.

"That's the best thing about this show is that it's a competition in the lowest sense of the word. We're more there to entertain, to have fun, and I mean obviously impress these celebrities," Sutherland said.

This season features a diverse group of celebrity guests including Chris Jericho, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Nikki Glaser, Jillian Bell and returning foodie Joel McHale.

Fast Foodies airs Thursday nights on truTV.

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