Lennie James Talks Morgan Jones' Transformation On 'The Walking Dead' & New Season Of 'FTWD' | CPTV
Lennie James has come a long way as Morgan Jones on The Walking Dead.

Morgan's not messing around.

Fans have been following Lennie James portray Morgan since season one of The Walking Dead.

"A large part of Morgan's journey... the fans are responsible for," James said. "Right in the early days after I did the first episode of The Walking Dead, it was the fans who kept asking...'Where's Morgan and when's he coming back?'"

Now, Lennie is teasing Morgan's battles and deadly encounters in the new season of Fear The Walking Dead.

"They are going to be surprised by some of things that Morgan does and it's a real testament to this show and to this universe that this deep into it... my character can still be surprising the fan."

But for the diehard fans out there... some may wonder what Morgan's kill count has reached.

Thankfully, Lennie has a specific number in mind and challenges fans to prove him wrong. Check out the clip below to see what he says!

Fear The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC.

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