Brandon Kyle Goodman is one of the busiest people in Hollywood! From acting and writing credits on Modern Love, Feel The Beat and Big Mouth, the star is also using his voice to spread awareness on #BlackLivesMatter and #PrideMonth.

Brandon's Taking Over Hollywood! 🌟

Fans of Prime Video's Modern Love may recognize Brandon as the expectant dad in a relationship with Andrew Scott, but now he's taking over Netflix with two big projects!

'Feel The Beat' Hits Netflix 💃

First up... Brandon starring opposite Sofia Carson in the new Netflix film, Feel the Beat.

"I play her friend, Deco. What's super important about Deco is that Deco is queer and he's black and that is not a part of his storyline." Goodman said. "It's really important that we start to see queer representation, especially POC queer representation, where it goes beyond our queerness and our race."

He's also joining the writing room for upcoming seasons of Big Mouth.

Brandon Speaks Out On #BLM and Pride Month ❤️

The actor is also using his voice to speak up for the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

"Black Lives Matter. That is what I want everyone to say from the bottom of their gut... that you will do everything in your power and your privilege to make sure that that is true."

June is also Pride Month and as a gay man of color, Brandon is hoping people can spread love during these important times.

"Being able to step into yourself and being able to fully be yourself... that's the real beautiful part of our queer stories. I hope to see more of that."

We love the positive message! Catch Brandon in Feel the Beat streaming now on Netflix.

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