TV Guide Magazine Senior Writer Damian Holbrook went one on one with the Immortal Iron Fist and lived to tell the tale ... of season two of Marvel's Netflix series.

Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2

Iron Fist star Finn Jones hit us with details on the second season of his Netflix exclusive Marvel series, and it sounds like Danny Rand has changed quite a bit since we met him in season one and followed up in the team-up series The Defenders.

In this new season, Danny Rand has taken on the responsibility of protecting downtown New York City as a full-on vigilante by night. While his traditional training has ceased, a new kind of training takes over as he learns how to clean up the streets.

With his superpowered fist more accessible, he becomes more confident. This parallels with a personal change, as he moves in with his girlfriend Colleen Wing.

Fans will also be excited to see Danny embrace a costume, especially when they spot the iconic yellow mask of the comics.

Marvel's Iron Fist season 2 hits Netflix on September 7th.

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