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We're chatting with stars Brandon Jay McLaren and Ricky Garcia about the exciting new Netflix projects.

Firefly Lane 🌟

Firefly Lane tells the story of two best friends, played by Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke, throughout their 30-year friendship.

Brandon Jay McLaren co-stars in the upcoming series and opened up on his role in the new show:

"I play a guy named Travis, and I'm on the PTA committee with Sarah Chalke's character. Her daughter and my daughter are like best friends. This is a show that's going to make you laugh a lot, but it also has a whole lot of heart. It's a story about friendship, at the end of the day, and I think people kind of need a reason to feel good, about anything."

From one streamer to the next, Brandon is also filming the TV reboot of the classic film, Turner and Hooch, coming out later this year on Disney+.

"The dog is hilarious, so it's another project that I think everybody could use right now given the crazy times."

You can stream Firefly Lane February 3rd on Netflix.

Finding ‘Ohana 🌊

Another hot debut on Netflix is the family-action film, Finding 'Ohana.

Ricky Garcia co-stars in the movie and shared what fans can expect from the new movie:

"It's going to touch on that Hawaiian culture. I can say it's just an action, fun-filled adventure…that the entire family can watch."

If Ricky's name sounds familiar, that's because fans will recognize him from the popular boy band "Forever in Your Mind."

Now, the double threat is releasing new music as a solo artist with his latest song, "All I Want To Do."

"I've been sitting on this song for over a year now…This is song is gonna be a hit. I love it so much."

You can catch Finding 'Ohana now on Netflix and you can also stream "All I Want To Do" starting February 5th on all music platforms.

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