The Cast Of 'First Blush' Redefines Love & Opens Up On Acceptance In The New & Modern Rom-Com | CPTV

The new film is breaking boundaries by showcasing modern relationships.

First Blush ❤️

Just in time for Valentine's Day, a modern rom-com is showing us love in a new way.

The new film, First Blush, explores a love story centered around a polyamorous relationship.

"Love is about accepting one another. In general, [the movie] is about them accepting their paths as well and where they're headed," Rachel Alig said.

"To have it be normalized in a film like this, where you can see these people who are searching for love, who deserve love, and that it's not this sexualized polyamorous relationship... I think it's the perfect time for this film to come out," Kate Beecroft said.

Director, Victor Neumark, took personal experiences as his inspiration behind the new movie.

"I, myself, was questioning traditional relationship values and I knew people in polyamorous relationships. I was also trying to figure out how I felt about all these things. I hadn't seen a story like this," Neumark said.

You can watch First Blush on VOD starting February 2nd.

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