First Dates | Simplified with Josh McBride

Swipe left, swipe right. A first date...Does the thought of it elicit fear or maybe the thought of just leaving the house and speaking to ANYONE makes you excited, anxious, nervous, petrified?!

For most people, dating during 2020 has been borderline non-existent. You've probably been swiping right on most apps just so you have someone to talk to who keeps you somewhat busy but mostly just entertained.

After months of talking to no one except your house plants.. You may be at a loss as to where to even find a first date.

Good news: You are not alone...PLENTY of people are desperate for human interaction post quarantine and the easiest place to start is dating apps! And just the sound of that I felt the rumble in your stomach... Dating app sign-ups soared during quarantine… I guess people realized that if we're gonna have to stay at home for months on end you might as well have a digital "friend" who pretends to care about your well-being.

Apps like Ship and The League send options based on your criteria and are available in cities across the country so hop on one, start swiping and face your social anxiety once and for all.

Next, look your best!

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to go into a first date confident. Get that skincare in check, buy a new outfit and maybe get the mullet or rats nest you've been growing in quarantine chopped off… and maybe dust the perfume or cologne off from the bathroom counter and hit yourself with a few sprays. When you look good and smell good, you feel good! (That's what my grandma always says.)

And finally, go into the date with a positive mindset ready to have fun, but also knowing what you want. Don't settle for any joe shmo just because you are bored! But, If you sense this person isn't your type off the bat… you don't have to skip out immediately, at least try the rolls at the restaurant… Take the time to learn from them what you are really looking for and take that into your next date.

If they seem to only talk about themselves, and eat solely with their hands, feel free to say "this really isn't working… how much is the bill? Ill get half" and be on your way... or say you have to use the restroom, grab your bag, and just never turn back.

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