The Jaymes List: Favorite Fitness-Focused Celebrities

This week on The Jaymes List we wanted to keep the New Year's vibe going a little longer with a focus on physical fitness.

Celebrity Page host Jaymes Vaughan selected four celebs who are guaranteed to inspire you to pick up those weights and get to work.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Who better to start this list than The Rock? As if it isn't obvious enough that Dwayne Johnson puts makes fitness a priority in his life, he frequently posts his many workouts and exercise routines to Instagram.

Johnson's most focused venture into physical fitness may be his new show The Titan Games, now airing Thursdays on NBC.

“From the beginning, I wanted to create the most epic and insane athletic competition ever devised.”

Mission accomplished! This contest is definitely epic, and, if you are looking for inspiration beyond Instagram, be sure to check it out on NBC.

Britney Spears

Sustaining pop stardom is all about reinventing yourself, so who better to reflect the “New Year, New Me” ethos than Pop Princess Britney Spears?

Taking to Instagram with her fitness routine, Spears lets followers in on the secret of staying in shape.

Posting everything from cardio, to weights, to dancing, Spears is standing by her attitude of “You want a hot body? You gotta work, b*tch!”

Jeannie Mai

Emmy-Award winning host Jeannie Mai earned her place on this list, showing everyone exactly how to shape up in 2019.

With the combination of a strict diet and grueling workouts, Mai shows her fans how to carve the body that works for her.

Want to absorb those lessons? Just follow Mai on Instagram.

Alec Penix

There's no need to worry about hiring an expensive personal trainer, thanks to celebrity trainer, Alec Penix.

According to Jaymes, Penix's new book Seven Sundays can be described as ...

“A Biblically grounded six week plan to get you on the path to losing weight and getting healthier, by focusing on the connection between physical and spiritual health.”

Like any modern fitness influencer, Penix shares his methods on Instagram, giving us all a first hand look at what it takes to look as good as him.

Your Turn!

Whether you want to become a Titan like The Rock, or tone up like Jeannie Mai, all of these celebs are eager to share ways for you to get into your best shape.

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