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The baker sat down with correspondent Rachel Smith to talk all about his new family-friendly, food science-based show.

Baker Duff Goldman is joined by a puppet crew in Duff's Happy Fun Bake Time as they explore the science behind baking and cooking and recreate recipes and popular foods.

We asked Duff the burning questions like: who came up with that name for the show?! He shared:

"I had to fight for that. I was like, you guys you need to trust me on this one, and eventually they backed off, and I think it was really good because it's the best title ever."

Duff gave some more insight on what the show is like:

"I have all these amazing puppets around me operated by these amazing puppeteers... I mean it is an absolute dream come true... I had so much fun."

The baker also shared how his newborn daughter is going to be a big inspiration for the family-friendly show going forward:

"My daughter was born three months ago, this is after we already wrapped production, and, like, now going in and like thinking about what do I wanna do in the future and what do I want to make for my daughter, think it really might help me focus a little bit and make the show even better."

You can join in on the happy fun bake times now as Duff's Happy Fun Bake Time is streaming on Discovery+!

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