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The second season of For All Mankind is finally on Apple TV+, with a brand new spatial adventure set in the 80s. Correspondent Rachel Smith talked with Joel Kinnaman on what to expect for this new season.

For All Mankind's Success 🌟

The critical acclaim keeps pouring in on the Apple TV+ series, For All Mankind! The show has also recently received the green light for a third season, which left Joel Kinnaman thrilled.

"It feels so good because we all believe so much in this show and where it goes is so exciting," Kinnaman said.

Not only do space fans get their fix on the series, but fans of the 80s get a nostalgic taste of the good old days!

"I definitely remember the second half of it. But there's some really good music in the 80s and it's all very cinematic," Kinnaman said.

However, Kinnaman isn't just waiting for an upcoming season of For All Mankind. The talented actor is also eagerly waiting, like many fans, of Suicide Squad pending release.

"It's going to be incredible. It's so silly and ridiculous and gory and just really really funny. It's also well crafted but in a really laid-back way," Kinnaman said.

While we wait for Suicide Squad, set to be released in August 2021, we can see Kinnaman in the first two seasons of For All Mankind on Apple TV+.

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