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Based off of the hit novel series, Foundation is Apple TV+'s newest sci-fi show that's keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Foundation follows an elaborate saga of humans dispersed throughout the universe who are all united under the rule of the Galactic Empire. A group of exiles band together after realizing the only way to save the empire from complete devastation is to resist its rule.

Fans of Foundation already understand the complex and intricate storyline, however its plot may be too confusing for new viewers to understand.

Lee Pace, who plays the lead role of Brother Day in the series, explained the main concept of the show.

"Foundation is about a mathematician who predicts with mathematical certainty that my [Brother Day's] empire is going to crumble and proposes a 'Foundation' whereby mankind can survive the dark ages that follow," Pace said.

Alfred Enoch, who plays Raych Foss in the series, elaborated on just how expansive the magnitude of the show's plot gets as each episode progresses.

"It's an epic story on a huge scale, and I think we always have appetite for, for that kind of kind of scope of storytelling things which deal with issues of, of what we do as a race and how we engage with each other and the world we live on and by extension of the universe. You know, I think these are things which are always, that's never going to go out of fashion," Enoch said.

Leah Harvey, who stars as Salvor Hardin in the show, further elaborated on the complexity of its plot.

"There's loads of different parts of this show and, you know, I think that like, that's really, that's the unique thing about it, is that it's so vast. Ultimately it's about people and how they relate to each other," Harvey said.

Take part of the intricate sci-fi adventure, Foundation is streaming now on Apple TV+.

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