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The cast of FOX's hit series '9-1-1' talks season 2, and the extremely physical demands of filming such an action-packed show.

Ryan Murphy's FOX series 9-1-1 Cast on Palpitation-Inducing Season 2!

Ryan Murphy's edge-of-your-seat FOX series 9-1-1 is wrapping up an explosive season 2, and our Howard Henley is chatting with the cast at this year's PaleyFest for an inside look at the show!

On the physical demand that it takes to be part of the series, star Angela Bassett says says she thinks she's gotten used to it—but it hasn't always come so easy!

"The running and all of that with the heavy belt and boots—you know, the first time it was like, Oh my gosh. It was like a workout."

Actor Oliver Stark can show you the effects of  the physical demands of filming the show better than he can tell you!

"Can I show you something on my arm right now?" Stark asks Henley, revealing a large black and blue bruise on his toned bicep that he says he got from 'falling of a firetruck' on the show's set.

A bruised arm doesn't hold the actor back though: In fact, he says he enjoys the sacrifices he makes to bring his character Evan Buckley to life:

"We take some hits! For me, that's a huge perk of the job. That's one of the things I really enjoy."

Also on the PaleyFest carpet is Aisha Hinds, who teases what's on the horizon for her character Henrietta Wilson.

"The second half of the season I think you kinda sort of see Henrietta flourish a little bit in the work that she's doing. You kinda see her strengths as a firefighter paramedic."

For Ryan Guzman's character Eddie Diaz, this season includes some major life changes. He tells Henley:

"He's just figuring out life. I mean his wife has come back into his life, he now has a mother for his son. They're trying to figure out how to live together, and that ensemble itself is offering problems. Does he trust her? Does he actually give himself all the way? Or does he kind of keep it to the side and continue to have her as a booty call?"

Despite the growing pains Eddie is facing in season two with his family, he doesn't let his relationships with his fellow firefighters fall to the back burner.

"He'll be there for the rest of the cast," Guzman says. "He'll be there as the other people are going through their dramatic events."

Rockmond Dunbar, who plays Michael Grant, calls the second half of season two an "emotional roller coaster" compared to the already-intense first half.

"We'll ease you down on a little palpitations and then raise you back up again," Dunbar says.

9-1-1 airs Monday nights on FOX.

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