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Arthur Kade sat down with Francesca Noel to discuss the newest version of 'Romeo & Juliet.'

The actress shared the premise of the project, saying:

"It's all told through social media, through phone screens and it's with a black and brown cast, black and latino and we're all just really excited to bring a new fresh perspective to this beautiful story."

This new production dazzled at the Sundance Film Festival due to its diverse cast and high-tech storytelling. Kade asked Noel how it felt to bring forth such a classic story through a modern lense.

She said:

"It feels like such an honor to bring to life this character that I really wanted when I was younger, and now I get to be her, and it feels like such a responsibility, but also such a gift."

Noel is particularly excited for younger generations to feel represented and recognized in this new version of Romeo & Juliet.

She said:

"I can't wait for young kids, young women like myself, to have that moment of recognition and of seeing their own beauty reflected back at them on screen and seeing themselves in this role."

The only remaining thing to do now is to check out this new version of Romeo & Juliet!

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