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When the name Stallone is brought up, all attention is drawn to Sylvester. This documentary investigates the life of Frank Stallone behind the scenes of living as Sylvester Stallone's little brother.

An Acclaimed Performer 🎤

GRAMMY and Golden Globe nominated musician Frank Stallone stepped into the industry at the same time as his brother, performing doo wop songs at the beginning of Rocky (1976) and Rocky II (1979).

Frank Stallone did it all on his own. He was an underestimated artist who worked hard to get to the top, but unlike other celebrities, Frank hasn't received the same recognition.

In an interview with Celebrity Page TV, Stallone stated,

"I've done 77 movies. I don't have an agent. I don't have any of that stuff, and again, but it kind of mirrors what the movie's about. Being, you know, underestimated. 'Oh, that's just Rocky's brother.'"

Frank's Time To Shine 🌟

A lifetime of living in his brother's shadow has prepared Frank Stallone to tell his own story in Stallone: Frank, That Is. The documentary highlights Stallone's underrated music career with appearances from some of Hollywood's biggest icons.

Frank Stallone stars in the documentary, where he unveils all aspects of his life and career for the first time.

"So, one day he just approached me and said, 'Hey, you know what? What would you think of us doing a documentary on you?' And at first I was taken aback and then I was like totally flattered. You know? I was really flattered by it."

The documentary features appearances from world renowned musicians, Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger opened up on his relationship with Frank in the new film:

"It's not easy because you live in his shadow and every time you get a great job, you know, people say, 'You probably got that because of your brother.' He didn't. He got this because of his talent."

Sylvester Stallone adds on to Schwarzenegger's appraisal of Frank stating,

"In this world and his talent he's, you know, every bit as good as I am at what I try to do."

A Story With Humble Beginnings 🎬

Despite the constant comparisons, the Stallone brothers were always in each other's corners.

"My father's a hairdresser and immigrant. I mean, how would I be able to sing and go on stage? How would my brother... go on to do that? There's a reason for it and I think it's a gift. It's a gift."

The story of Frank Stallone is an inspiration to those who don't believe that they can do it, based on where they began.

Stallone: Frank, That Is is available now on YouTube, Google Play, and Amazon Prime Video.

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