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Frankie Grande, known for his role as "Frankini" in Nickelodeon's hit show Henry Danger, is now embarking on a new role in Hollywood. Grande is starring in his first ever film project titled Spree.

Frankie's Film Debut! 🎬

Grande spoke about how his first ever movie shooting was nothing short of great. He shares:

"I just know it was like the first movie that I ever shot. There were stunt drivers and car chases and all sorts of movie stuff that I never ever got a chance to experience. It was a lot of firsts for me, and I am really excited to see the final product."

Frankie Makes A Splash As "Frankini" 📺

Grande shared just how much his character in Henry Danger meant to him:

"Frankini is on kids television, and it's been really beautiful to play such an over the top, flamboyant character on a kids network. I've had lovely stories of kids coming up to me at Universal and being like 'I'm wearing nail polish because Frankini wears nail polish, and my mom said it was okay because of that,' and like that's why I do it."

Frankie's Wish For Broadway 🎭

Grande, also an avid Broadway show fan and alum, made sure to emphasize his excitement and hopefulness of the day Broadway will be able to return. He shared:

"Once it's safe, we need something full of joy and happiness back on the Broadway stage in order to bring back that influx of tourism."

Spree is set to be released on Digital and Video on Demand on August 14th! Be sure to check it out.

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