Frankie Grande went one-on-one with Celebrity Page's Arthur Kade to with the inside story on his new live show, his unapologetic personality, and his talented genes!

Frankie Grande Live: Livin' La Vida Grande

Frankie Grande is going on tour this summer with his one man show Livin La Vida Grande.

The singer and performer says the show will incorporate both pop music and broadway tunes. He also spilled that the show will explore many personal anecdotes, happy and sad.

A Big Personality

On his large and lovely personality, Grande couldn't be more clear.

"I've always tried to be so unapologetically myself to encourage other people to do it ..”

This inspiring message is shown in everything he does, from Instagram posts to elaborate makeup looks, Grande always puts his true self on display.

That Famous Sibling

Along with Frankie Grande’s successful Broadway career and Celebrity Big Brother UK appearance, he is always recognizable as the proud brother of pop-sensation Ariana Grande.

He spoke on the strong family characteristics that they both share.

“We’ve been raised to stand up for ourselves, stand up for our principles, and to always speak up for what we’ve believed in.”

With Ariana’s music success and Frankie’s huge influence, it's clear that captivating an audience is also a trait that runs in the family.

Frankie Grande’s summer tour starts in June and tours cities throughout the U.S. Fans will be sure to line up for these fun-filled performances!

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