Due to the effects of Covid-19, Broadway has been completely shut down since March 12th of this year. Since then, theater goers have had to look to their screens to get close to the stage.

Hollywood insider Arthur Kade talked with the cast of The Boys in the Band whose Broadway production has been adapted into a film. The play, which was originally staged in 1968, tells the story of nine gay men living in New York City. Two years ago, the Broadway revival opened to audiences with a stellar cast. Now, that same cast has returned to reprise their roles for an all new film adaptation of the story.

Cast members of this Netflix film adaptation include Jim Parsons, Matt Bomer, Charlie Carver, Tuc Watkins, Brian Hutchison, Michael Benjamin Washington, Robin de Jesús, Andrew Rannells, and Zachary Quinto.

The film holds a large importance for the LGBTQ+ community whom usually sees only one character represent them in any given film or show. This story has nine. The film will also be a great way for Broadway lovers to experience a piece of theater from home.

Jim Parsons explained:

"To spend this much time with such a great group of people and get to repeat that experience in a new form...it's unlike anything I've done before."

Matt Bomer said the movie will be a wonderful nod to their work on the stage:

"The film is such a great representation- it's different in many regards, but it's such a great representation of what we did on stage. So I'm glad that so many people who weren't able to make it to see the show on stage will get to this version of the story with this cast. I want people to see as much theater as possible. I don't- if it's on a streaming platform that great. If it's live, that's even better."

Robert Diamond, Editor-In-Chief for broadwayworld.com, spoke with our own Sonia Isabelle about what the future may look like for live theater in NYC. In regards to shows being produced for streaming, Diamond thinks it's not a bad idea:

"I think it's a good thing for now...I think it's good to get performers working again. So I think that gets and keeps the Broadway community working while also getting more people excited and interested in seeing whats on live stages, when it's safe to do that again, is good for the industry."

Along with The Boys in the Band, Netflix will soon release an adaptation of the musical The Prom which had a short run on Broadway beginning in 2018.

Another recent release, Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton premiered on Disney+ this past summer.

For more on The Boys in the Band and more Broadway buzz, watch the segment above!

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