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Lots of game shows are coming to Primetime TV, including The Weakest Link, which has none other than Jane Lynch as the new host.

The Weakest Link originally started in the UK, and it still airs around the world on BBC Entertainment. How does the game show work? Contestants take turn answering general knowledge questions - and at the end of each round, the contestants have to choose one of the players as the "weakest link." Jane Lynch said her biggest inspiration as host was the original host - Anne Robinson - herself:

"As I was preparing for this, I watched the shows that they did on Youtube in England that Anne Robinson hosted... I was inspired by her and a little intimidated by the prospect of trying to fill her shoes."

Be sure to watch The Weakest Link Monday's on NBC.

New Game Show Reboots

ABC also launched new versions of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, Card Sharks, and Supermarket Sweep.

Jane Lynch said she wasn't surprised by this new game show trend:

"I think people now are looking for something to be challenged by, to use your brain, and also entertainment at the same time."

And a side note, Jane Lynch also gave us the scoop on what's to come on hit TV show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, saying production for season 4 should be underway early next year:

"Expect more Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - it's going to happen. COVID or no COVID."
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