Gary Busey and Dennis Quaid's new 8-part podcast Uncle Drank: The Totally Hammered podcast is a drunken country music party following fictitious country singer Uncle Drank and his side-kick Blendy.

Busey voices Uncle Drank, who pokes fun at the country music industry along with Quaid's as Blendy the Blender, ready to mix cocktails to keep the party going.

The concept behind the podcast comes from Audio Up CEO Jared Gutstadt, who has written for many artists through the years including Bob Dylan, Lil Wayne, Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, and Steven Tyler. Thus, the anecdotes Uncle Drank shares on the show are somewhat true, being inspired by Gutsadt's experience in the country music industry. The show will connect with country music fans and artists alike to dish on Uncle Drank's imagined adventures.

Gutstadt explains his protagonist further by saying:

"Uncle Drank was widely known as the inventor of beach-country and trop rock. He lived his life by worshiping the seven B's... Bars, Birds, Beaches, Boats, Beers, Babes and of course…Bananas (for his mixed drinks of course). He inspired everybody... from Florida Georgia Line to Brad Paisley and it is rumored that Drank even picked out the color for what's now known as the red solo cups…originally they were orange…imagine that!"

About voicing the new character, Busey shares:

"I feel Uncle Drank is one of my sub personality parts so there will be no acting required."

Along with the podcast's teaser trailer, the first musical released dropped earlier this week as a lyric video and features Trinidad James. Now fans have an idea of what to expect when the podcast is released later this year. Original music will release after every episode through Warner Records, completing a full album upon completion.

Uncle Drank already has his own Twitter account. Recently, he has been promoting his new single, Hickstart My Heart.

Upon release, all episodes will live on Audio Up!

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