Julissa Calderon Talks 'Gentefied' Season Two & Digital Series 'Go Off' | Celebrity Page

Julissa Calderon is getting multiple checks from Netflix!

Fans of Gentefied love watching Julissa play Yessika on the breakout hit show! Now, the star is also hosting a new show on Netflix's YouTube channel, called Go Off!

"It's basically us talking about new shows on Netflix, or movies! We do a deep dive and talk about it, but then we also have guests on the show. My favorite part is fan questions! We're not doctors, but we have our experience! We [also] do sketches in between the shows. It is so exciting, it's so much fun. We laugh a lot, we play a lot and we keep it real," Calderon said.

Now, fans are eagerly awaiting for the second season of Gentefied to drop, so Julissa spilled as to when fans can expect new episodes.

"I think we created a beautiful second season. I think it's even better than the first. You're going to laugh a lot more, you're going to cry a lot more. I think you're going to see my character, Yessika, in a whole different light than you've ever seen her before. I'm so excited to come back, to continue to paint the colors with this character, and I hope.. and I think you're going to get the show this year," Calderon said.

You can watch the first season of Gentefied on Netflix and Go Off on the official Netflix YouTube page.

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