Grammy-award winning legend Barbra Streisand is giving back in a big way. Gianna Floyd, the daughter of the late George Floyd, is now a Disney shareholder thanks to Streisand.

On June 13th, 6-year-old Gianna Floyd posted her gratitude for Streisand's gift in an Instagram post by proudly holding the letter and certificate of her shares. Although it is unclear how many shares Gianna now owns, Streisand also includes her albums Color Me Barbra and My Name is Barbra in the gift package.

This act of kindness comes after the announcement that Kanye West created a savings plan for Gianna that will cover all of her tuition costs when it comes time for her to go to college. The week before that, Texas Southern University announced it would grant Gianna a full-ride to attend the university if she chooses to go there.

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