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George Harrison's 'All Things Must Pass' Gets Reissue For 50th Anniversary

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of All Things Must Pass with the new deluxe box set.

George Harrison's estate is celebrating the 50th anniversary of his classic album All Things Must Pass with a deluxe edition.

The "Uber Deluxe Box Set" boasts 70 total tracks, 42 of which are previously unreleased. It includes the album on 8LP and 5CD, a 44 page book, a Blu-Ray Disc, and much more. Altogether, it comes out to a whopping $999.98.

With songs like "My Sweet Lord" and "What Is Life", All Things Must Pass is arguably the best Beatles solo album. On this album, Harrison proved that he was more than just The Quiet Beatle. His songwriting shines and his vocals are outstanding.

For All Things Must Pass, Harrison recruited a cast of incredible musicians to jam with, including two of his best friends, Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton. The three had frequently collaborated in the past, with Ringo (of course) being the drummer for The Beatles and Clapton lending his guitar skills to The Beatles' White Album. The studio sessions for All Things Must Pass were very inspirational for Clapton and led to the formation of his iconic supergroup Derek & The Dominos. He formed this group with Bobby Whitlock and Carl Radle who were among the cast of musicians that Harrison had recruited for the album. Coincidentally, Clapton is releasing a deluxe anniversary edition of one of his solo albums this summer as well.

The deluxe edition, which is executive produced by Harrison's son, Dhani, comes 50 years after the initial release of the former Beatle's show-stopping triple LP and 20 years after the 2001 remastered edition. The latter was released less than a year before Harrison's untimely death at the age of 58.

This 50th Anniversary box set is just one example of how George Harrison's legacy will live on forever. All Things Must Pass: 50th Anniversary is available August 6, 2021.

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