Thought you knew all there was to know about the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes? Well, the athlete gave GQ a deeper look into his life.

The current Super Bowl MVP told GQ all about how his life has changed in the past few months. Some of these moments included buying a new home, how he handled the pandemic, as well as the worldwide protests, and his new contract.

In a conversation with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell following his Black Lives Matter video, Mahomes expressed why he wants to draw attention to the cause and voter registration. Mahomes said:

"Helping young adults, but especially the Black community, get registered to vote. It's the first step."

Mahomes also addressed being biracial and his passion for social justice. Mahomes told GQ:

"I've seen how people, on Twitter, have tweeted and said, 'Oh, you're not full Black.' But I've always just had the confidence and believed in who I am. And I've known that I'm Black. And I'm proud to be Black. And I'm proud to have a white mom too. I'm just proud of who I am. And I've always had that confidence in myself."

The star also revealed that Post Malone has an actual tattoo of his signature. The story goes that at a Post Malone concert after the Superbowl parade, Malone, Mahomes, and Travis Kelce went backstage for a friendly game of beer pong. The bet ended up being that Malone had to get a tattoo of Mahomes signature if he lost. Clearly, Malone ended up losing and got the tattoo done immediately backstage.

When asked about how he felt being so young for a quarterback, Mahomes shared how his coaches helped him through the process. He said:

"I never felt like they were pushing me to be a certain player. They just wanted me to be who I was."

Be sure to check out Mahomes' GQ feature now!

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