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Gigi Hadid's Biggest Takeaways from 2021

The model reveals what she learned from some of her hardest moments this past year.

26-year-old supermodel Gigi Hadid sat down with InStyle magazine, and here are some of the things she shared.

Hadid reflected on her past year and the key things she has learned.

"I've been reminded that when we get time with people just really appreciate it and take it all in and try not to wish away moments. Even if there's something hard, find something beautiful in it."

Hadid is the mother of 18-month-old Khai, whom she parents with Zayn Malik. Hadid broke up with Malik last year.

Interviewer and In Style Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Laura Brown, asked Hadid:

"What do you think about young girls who use filters too much? Instagram has become what magazines can be accused of, which is too much retouching."

Hadid responded:

"You can't blame young girls, because that's how they have been brought up. People think that models are always going for perfection, but when I look at the computer screen, I don't check to see if I look good. I look at myself as part of the image. I think that a good model has to take her own opinion of how she looks out of the equation, because every photographer, stylist, and makeup artist is going to see what's beautiful differently. It's not authentic if you're trying to control the creative so much that you always look the same."

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