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UMG encouraged a lot of their talent representatives to participate in a video about pronouns along with GLAAD staff.

UMG and GLAAD teamed up to emphasize the respectful use of the correct pronouns when acknowledging cisgender, transgender, and all individuals.

GLAAD and UMG Collaborate During Pride Month

The video is a short two minutes and four seconds but it is powerful to have a group of influential celebrities and artists come together in support of pronouns. Pronouns have been a hot topic of debate in the USA for some time now and currently many states are passing discriminatory anti-trans laws that seriously impact the lives of those that may use other pronouns.

This video puts forward a message of acceptance to a community that is facing discrimination especially right now and that is why GLAAD and UMG decided to create this during Pride Month.

Busy Phillips, Demi Lovato, and Cynthia Erivo are just some of the talent that spoke up in this video. What makes it more valuable is that UMG and GLAAD have also collaborated on some merchandise that has 25% of the proceeds going directly to GLAAD.

GLAAD is the leading media organization for putting LGBTQ+ stories on the forefront of culture. The group devotes its time to forwarding accepting and inclusive stories that represent the LGBTQ+ community more than the typical film, series, or media site can.

If you want to support the cause, check out the collaboration between UMG, GLAAD, Queer Candle Co., and Social Goods to purchase a limited-edition MUSIC IS UNIVERSAL™ item, Click Here.

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