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The Godfather of Harlem, the fabulous crime drama where Forest Whitaker stars as 1960s Harlem mob boss Bumpy Johnson, is back for their second season on Epix. The show depicts Johnson being at odds with the Italian mafia in a thrilling new set of episodes. But where do you turn once that well dries up? Well, thankfully, Ranker and the Watchworthy app are here with shows their algorithm says fans of The Godfather of Harlem are guaranteed to love!

For Life

This ABC drama tells the story of Aaron Wallace, a wrongly convicted black man with a life sentence. While in jail, he commits himself to becoming a lawyer, hoping to overturn his own sentence while also representing his fellow inmates.

It's an inspiring take on a shameful scenario that takes place far too much in our country, and you'll want to be along for Wallace's wild ride.

Black Monday

Our next recommendation is Black Monday on Showtime, a fictionalization of the inexplicable 1987 crash of the stock market. The story they tell may not be true, but the fun definitely is. Don Cheadle and Regina Hall star as two people who broke into Wall Street ahead of the crash, and what ensues is madness!

City on a Hill

Who doesn't love Kevin Bacon? When he isn't lounging by the pool for Verizon, he's starring in this period drama on Showtime alongside Aldis Hodge. The show takes place in early 90s Boston, where a progressive new district attorney forms an alliance with a dirty FBI agent.

This show will blur the line between crime and politics and make you question your own idealism.

There you have it! If you love Godfather of Harlem, you've got three new, exciting shows you'll love courtesy of Watchworthy!

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