It's the age-old question, or, at least since the trailer came out: who's going to win, Godzilla, or King Kong? Well, with Godzilla vs. Kong in theaters and streaming now on HBO Max, let's see who has the upper hand.

Godzilla, It's Godzilla

Let's go through Godzilla's powers:

  • Atomic Breath
  • Nuclear pulse
  • Magnetic aura
  • Rapid Self healing
Ok, now, we're going to take a look at King Kong's powers:
  • Durability
  • Intelligence
  • Physical Strength

You know who else has those powers? Everyone who exercises. King Kong does appear to be uniquely resilient to Godzilla's various powers, but with Godzilla matching the size of King Kong, plus the powers, plus the claws, Godzilla would win all day.

Still, I get the feeling this is sort of going to be a Batman vs. Superman situation where they'll be inexplicably equal throughout the movie despite one being WAY more powerful than the other. But, the answer is Godzilla.

The Case for King Kong

However, King Kong does have something of a case for victory. But, he'll need outside help. I don't really see how he's getting past a giant lizard with radiation breath, maybe Millie Bobby Brown gets him some sort of radiation suit.

There's also the case of humanity's involvement. We all know that, since humans want to destroy both of them, and both of them are crazy powerful, humanity is going to have to side with one of them. It's how all these movies go. I see them siding with King Kong, because of his intelligence and, compared to the giant radiation lizard, approachability.

So, who would win in a straight one on one? Godzilla. Who's probably coming out on top? Kong.

My guess is, Godzilla and Kong fight it out, humanity makes Kong way more powerful to defeat Godzilla. Godzilla is gone, but then they have to deal with the giant monster they've created in this new mutated Kong. If I'm right, everyone reading this owes me $5.

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