Viola Davis's Family

This year's Golden Globes were a little bit different. Stars joined the award show virtually from their homes, but it warmed our hearts to see their families supporting them throughout the night. Check out some of these moments!

Lee Isaac Chung's Family

Lee Isaac Chung won for Best Motion Picture Foreign Language for his movie Minari and his adorable daughter was incredibly happy for her dad! The most heartwarming moment was when Chung said that his daughter is "the reason I made this film" as she hugged him tight. A really sweet and tender moment.

Viola Davis's Family

Viola Davis's Family


Viola Davis's family showed up for the actress in a loving way. We can see her husband, Julius Tennon, on her right side and her daughter on her left, Genesis Tennon. Apparently, Davis's daughter is following her mother's steps -- in 2019 she gave her voice in The Angry Birds Movie 2. Seeing them all so close, brought us a real sense of joy.

Andra Day's Family

Actress Andra Day's got really emotional after winning Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama. Luckily, she had her family by her side. As she was reading her speech, viewers at home could see family members crying silently alongside her. The love that this family had for Day definitely came across from our screens at home.

Jodie Foster's Family

Jodie Foster was very surprised for winning Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture. She joyfully accepted the Award with her wife and dog by her side. The complicity in Foster and her wife's eyes was mesmerizing. And the dog was simply adorable.

In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Foster had suggested to have dogs as stars at the Golden Globes -- "and then you'd have to match the one! It would be so good!" We can only hope for that eventuality to happen, but for now, we thank Foster for showing the cuteness at an Award show.

Kate Hudson's Family

Kate Hudson's Family


Kate Hudson's family filled the entire room with their love for the actress. Hudson had a radiant smile for entire night and it's surely because of the caring people that she had right next to them. The most adorable moment is when the little girl on the right claps enthusiastically during Rosamund Pike's speech. Viewers at home were definitely overwhelmed by the cuteness.

Mark Ruffalo's Family

Mark Ruffalo won Best Actor in a Limited Series, TV Movie and his family shared the enthusiasm with him. His kids even joined as Ruffalo's wife hugged them tightly. Ruffalo called for "greater humanity" during his acceptance speech and the way his family was so supportive and happy for him, showed us precisely that.

Aaron Sorkin's Family

Last but not least, Aaron Sorkin won for Best Motion Picture Screenplay. The entire family stood politely beside him, but the love they felt for him was clear for the viewers at home.

The Golden Globes were different this year, but the love that these families brought virtually, made us feel closer and connected to each other.

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