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Mina Starsiak Hawk (Good Bones) and Brian Patrick Flynn (Mind for Design) chat about their exciting new shows under Discovery's umbrella of home renovation!

'Good Bones' On HGTV 📺

Good Bones follows the mother-daughter duo Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk as they flip hopeless houses into fabulous homes.

'Built Together'

Half of the duo has now taken her hand at writing!

Mina Starsiak Hawk chatted with our Sam Alex to discuss her new children's book Built Together (2021) which is now available everywhere.

"It's a cute play on what I'm familiar with, which is construction and kind of non-traditional family dynamic. Hopefully presenting to kids from a young age, in a fun way, that you can build your family. However it looks, whoever it includes, whatever works for you just like you can build your own house," Hawk said.

'Mind for Design' On Magnolia Network 🏡

Star of Magnolia Network's Mind for Design, Brian Patrick Flynn, is debuting his own show after social media helped skyrocket his career!

Based on his eye for interior design, Chip and Joanna Gaines greenlit his own show where he's helping people turn their homes into modern landscapes.

"We all gelled really well with Jo in her office and with her team. It was the most effortless, seamless process with no drama. It just kind of happened organically and authentically and that is what Magnolia Network is all about."

Mind for Design is now streaming on Discovery+.

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