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Google's 2020 Year In Search Released

Check out which topics were trending during the eventful year.

Looking back at 2020 can be an emotional experience. This year tested people's personal strength, physical health, and most importantly, the collective power of empathy. Google released their 2020 Year in Search on Wednesday, highlighting which top trending topics impacted families across the nation.

"Coronavirus" unsurprisingly rang in at number one for searches, followed by "election results." The ongoing pandemic and presidential election were apparent and unavoidable topics throughout the year as they often intersected when it came to what citizens hope for in the future of democracy. The record-breaking number of mail-in ballots made the results take many days to come in as Americans all over the world were glued to their devices.

Of course, many classes and work spaces had to find alternative ways to meeting in person. The infamous "Zoom" device was the fourth most trending word on Google this year. This software company gives room for collaborative spaces in a virtual setting.

NBA icon "Kobe Bryant" was the third most trending topic in general and top figure in memoriam searched. His passing after a helicopter crash in January devastated millions of fans who followed the star's journey to success. Glee star "Naya Rivera" was the second most searched person who we lost in 2020. Her unbelievable talent and sassy yet lovable nature will always be valued and recognized.

"Chadwick Boseman," "Sushant Singh Rajput," and "George Floyd" were the following trending searches, respectively. These figures all had a unique story and held significance during a difficult year. The unjust murder of George Floyd paused the nation, with many people taking to streets shouting "Black Lives Matter" to highlight all the ways that the society works to oppress black voices.

Google — Year In Search 2020

In the actors' category, "Tom Hanks" was the top trending search likely due to the fact that he was one of the first celebrities to publicity declare his COVID-19 contraction. "Parasite" was the number one trending movie title, followed by "1917" and "Black Panther."

President-elect "Joe Biden" was the top searched person, followed by "Kim Jong Un," "Boris Johnson" and Madame Vice President "Kamala Harris." Harris represents not only the first woman Vice President in the history of America, but the first Black, the first Black woman, the first South Asian American, the first South Asian American woman and first VP whose parents come from India and Jamaica. This historic moment is a major step in the right direction, with many communities finally seeing someone who looks like them in one of the highest positions of power.

Finally, the top trending show of 2020 is "Tiger King" with not many fans surprised. The Netflix original blew up at the beginning of quarantine, giving all families something to bond about.

This year was in many ways the hardest for people to go through. We wish everyone a safe and happy new year as we end off a difficult start to the new decade.

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