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The first trailer for The CW show "Gotham Knights" promises to be as dark and gritty as its recent bat-centric predecessors, opening with the Caped Crusader's death.

The first scene in the trailer shows Harvey Dent (Misha Collins) telling the Dark Knight's son Turner Wayne (Oscar Morgan) that his father is dead. The news couldn't have come at a worst time because when Dent came knocking, the young billionaire was throwing a highschool party.

"It's your father. He's dead," Dent says.

With the death of Batman, things in Gotham quickly get out of hand. Crime grows rampant, a smelly underbelly is brought to light and government corruption is revealed.

To distract from the city's chaotic state, the city police force launch a large-scale investigation to find Bruce Wayne's killer-- an investigation where everyone is a suspect, including his son.

Turner finds himself in custody with the other suspects, including the Joker's daughter Duela (Olivia Rose Keegan).

In the trailer, Turner and the other suspects conclude that the police are looking for the killer in the wrong places and they are being framed. Aided by Robin, a.k.a Carrie Kelley ( Navia Ziraili Robinson), this unlikely crew escapes from Police custody and begins their journey to find Batman's real killer.

"We have to stick together, find out who killed my dad and clear our names. Because we all deserve justice," Turner says.

You can watch the 2023 premiere of "Gotham Knights" on The CW.

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