Chris Rock and Rosie Perez help Cuomo send a message

As states transition to reopen businesses, New York City is one of the last parts of the United States to remain under strict stay-at-home orders as the city has been hit harder than most during these times. To spread information on how to best protect people and lower the risk of contracting the coronavirus, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo held his daily briefing in Albany and brought in Comedian Chris Rock and actress Rosie Perez to help him promote these safety measures.

Chris Rock Returns to His Brooklyn Roots to Protect NYC From Covid-19

When Gov. Cuomo asked Chris Rock to be one of the celebrities to join him during his daily briefing on May 28th, Rock appeared in a face mask and gloves and took his place next to Cuomo, only six feet apart. As a New Yorker, Rock has taken great strides in helping out his hometown of Brooklyn, New York during their fight against the coronavirus.

On May 3, Rock posted a video on Instagram promoting Brooklyn for Life, an organization that allows people to donate funds to help restaurants provide food for healthcare workers on the front lines. In the video above, we see appearances from famous New Yorkers such as Spike Lee, Ansel Elgort, and Anthony Ramos showing their love for Brooklyn and the people who live there.

Rosie Perez Advocates for Star-Studded Robin Hood Relief Benefit 

As another one of the celebrities Gov. Cuomo enlisted for help, Brooklyn-native Rosie Perez also appears in a face mask and gloves six feet apart from Cuomo at his press briefing as they discuss ways to promote safety and protection. She starts out by thanking Chris Rock and Gov. Cuomo for having her at the briefing, and goes on to say:

"I'm proud to be partnering with the governor to make sure that my hometown, my borough, my beloved borough of Brooklyn, and all of New York, the most impacted communities, have resources."

To help the cause, Perez joined a massive line up of celebrities for the Robin Hood Relief Benefit, a virtual telethon hosted by Tina Fey, that aired May 11 on iHeartMedia. This event brought in a whopping $115 million and more donations have been added to the fund since.

Celebrities using their platforms for causes and issues such as the coronavirus pandemic have become one of the most crucial parts of popular culture. With Rosie Perez and Chris Rock using their platforms to help raise relief funds for Covid-19, as well as promoting important safety measures alongside Gov. Cuomo, it brings us one step closer to finally overcoming this disease.

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