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Last night's BET Awards and April's Academy of Country Music Awards special reflect that remote ceremonies do not need to be in person to be exciting and entertaining! With that being said, fans miss the interviews, the lavish outfits and the live performances. Now, they will be getting just that very soon!

Cuomo For The Win!

On June 29, Governor Cuomo announced at a press briefing that the live video music awards would take place in the Barclay's Center arena with "limited to no audience". Although there were talks of a virtual or audience free ceremony, the VMAs will give the biggest night for music videos to audiences everywhere.

Catch the VMAs on MTV on August 30th!

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As a kid who grew up in Detroit in the 80's and 90's, John Salley is sports royalty to me! So when I got a chance to interview one of my boyhood idols about his newest acting role, I said ''yes" immediately.