James Corden and Trevor Noah

The Grammys are almost here! Trevor Noah, who's going to host the award show, chatted with James Corden at The Late Late Show about what we can expect Sunday night!

Because of the current pandemic, award shows are different from what we're used to, but Noah reassured us all during his interview with Corden: the Grammys are going to be something designed specifically for all of us.

"Imagine a show made for you to enjoy at home: all your favorite artists, all your favorite performances, but in ways you've never seen them before."

And apparently several stages are going to be set for the evening. Several artists are set to perform this year: like Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny, Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish to name a few.

"They've built these cool stages where like literally Dua Lipa is performing next to Bad Bunny, DaBaby performing next to them and then everybody's listening to each other's music and vibing..."

Noah had no doubts: it'll be "like a jam session made for you at home." Corden wished him luck for Sunday and Noah revealed that what he'll miss most from Corden's year hosting the Grammys will be.... Corden's father.

"My favorite thing at the Grammys used to be that whenever I'd go and James was hosting, I would get to come backstage because James's dad wanted to say 'hi' to me."

Corden knew all about his dad's love for Noah all too well. Corden shared his conversation with his father when Noah was revealed to be the host of the Grammys.

"My dad was like: 'Trevor's hosting the Grammys, he'll be fantastic. There's not many that could ever do it better than Trevor. That's absolutely what that show needs.'"

But Noah had a comforting thought for Corden:

"I think your dad is just used to you. Parents are used to their children."

Corden wasn't entirely sure about that, but confirmed that his dad was indeed his son's biggest fan, but....

"He, probably rightly, thinks I'm just not quite as good as you are."

Make sure to watch the 63rd annual Grammy Award Show, airing this Sunday at 8 EST on CBS!

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