Grey's Anatomy


The drama series' mid-season premiere returned with the death of a major character.

Grey's Anatomy is not holding back this season.

Season 17 episode 7 picked up from where the season finale with Station 19 left off, which involved Dr. Andrew DeLuca and his sister Carina bringing down sex traffickers. DeLuca was then stabbed by a sex trafficker, causing him to be rushed to Grey Sloan for emergency surgery.

While DeLuca his operated on, Carina prays for her brother's recovery and breaks down.

Teddy and Owen, who have not been on the best of terms, work together to save DeLuca. About halfway through the episode, they are finished operating and DeLuca's life is seemingly saved. Teddy celebrates, but Owen still tells Teddy not "don't read into it."

Teddy then visits Tom, who is suffering from COVID. He begs Teddy to tell him she doesn't love him anymore so he can begin to move on, which Teddy doesn't concede to.

Meanwhile, Winston and Maggie have spent most of their time cuddling and hiding away in their hotel room. Amelia keeps trying to get ahold of Maggie to tell her that Meredith is on a ventilator, but is unable to reach her. Avery finally locates Maggie, and the girls go to the house and explain to Zola about her mother's situation.

Meredith and DeLuca, in the meantime, are on limbo beach. They talk about the fight and DeLuca says he doesn't regret anything. DeLuca then sees his mother and embraces her, crossing over to the other side.

Although he will be missed, DeLuca says he has found peace and finally understands his soul. Rest in peace, Doctor.

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