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Teddy grapples with reality and realistic nightmares over past traumas and DeLuca's passing on this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy.

As we left her last week, Teddy was one of the ones struggling the hardest to cope with Dr. Andrew DeLuca's passing. The episode starts with Teddy in bed, practically catatonic. She hasn't eaten or spoken, even to her husband or kids, in days. Amelia comes by to help Owen with Teddy and brings an IV.

We then dip into Teddy's subconscious, where she is wandering around Grey Sloan. Meredith and DeLuca are there. DeLuca is rolling a gurney with a body bag in it, inside the bag is Teddy screaming.

The scene quickly switches to DeLuca and Teddy operating on Meredith in the OR. Teddy is distracted by the silhouette of Allison, Teddy's past love who died in 9/11.

All of the sudden, Teddy is in the car with Tom and they're running away to Vegas together. All this time, there has been a grenade in Teddy's purse. DeLuca is also in the backseat.

All in dream conversation, Owen says to Teddy: "She's no you, Amelia." Teddy grapples with this as she wonders if Amelia will always be Owen's top priority. Cristina then appears in a flashback.

Back in reality, Owen talks with Amelia as he struggles with what to do about Teddy. He wants her to be well and does not want her kids to have to see their mother like this, but Owen also can't help but remember the secrets Teddy has kept from him (i.e., her relationship with Allison).

Amelia tells him that he needs to forgive Teddy. "Her trauma response is different than yours," she remarks. Even if they don't get back together, he needs to forgive Teddy and go easier on her.

Back in dreamworld, Teddy is now sitting with Allison. All of the sudden, she is performing CPR on Allison in the OR when Meredith walks in and announces her time of death. Teddy is seemingly dealing with a lot of guilt from the people that have died in her life, she puts the blame on herself for their deaths.

At the end of the episode, Teddy is begging Meredith not to die. Then, Teddy hears her baby crying and finally breaks out from her dreamscape.

Watch the trailer for next Thursday's episode here:

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