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(Spoilers) 'Grey's Anatomy' Recap, Season 17 Episode 8

Spoilers ahead! We have the recap for #GreysAnatomy you've been waiting for. Read more here:

If you're still reeling from Dr. DeLuca's death- don't worry, the doctors are too.

After Andrew DeLuca's brave death last week, who died via an attack from the sex trafficker he was trying to uncover, the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial are asked to submit a video tribute in memorandum.

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), who we saw last week fighting for her life on ventilator, is still on Limbo Beach- this time joined by a special guest. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) has joined her dream.

Back at the hospital, everyone is grieving in very different ways. Miranda thinks her staff didn't do all they could to save DeLuca, and is ignoring her feelings while trying to continue to work. The death instilled in Teddy a newfound determination to get Meredith off the ventilator-that very day.

A patient named Byron is having a hard time succumbing to the emergency surgery he needs, as his fears of contracting Covid at the hospital grow large and he refuses to let anyone touch him. Maggie tries to comfort approach, confiding in him that she, too, has lost a loved one to the virus. Byron eventually agrees and undergoes surgery.

Back to Miranda's repressive feelings- Schmidt tells her this is no time for orders or bossing people around, and that everyone needs to grieve. He reminds her that Miranda never even fully mourned her mother's death, and that she really should take time off of work to spend time with her family and take a break.

Meanwhile, Cormac is finally making some progress in getting Meredith off the ventilator. As Meredith enjoys her time with Derek on Limbo Beach, she begins to hear Cormac talking to her. He's talking to her about her children and everything he's learned about them while she's been absent, and she is delighted.

Soon, Cormac is walking on the beach with her and asks her to fight- everyone needs her. While nothing definitive happens at the end of the episode, Cormac remains the only one left caring for Meredith by the end. Our fingers are crossed she listens to him.

Catch the next episode of Grey's Anatomy on Thursday, March 25 on ABC.

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