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Mark Indelicato and Carl Clemons-Hopkins are continuing to make history.

Right off the bat, "Hacks" became a smash hit with 15 Emmy nominations and three wins.

"I think that from the jump... this show is really really special. I'm glad that the audience and the world agrees," Mark Indelicato said.

Mark Indelicato plays Jean Smart's assistant, Damien, who's just one of the many openly queer characters on the show.

"The queer character's queerness is not the only facet of our identities that we get to see from these characters. It's thrilling to be included in a cast of queer actors, where we are the majority," Indelicato said.

Carl Clemons-Hopkins is also blazing a new trail for their character, Marcus. Clemons-Hopkins made history as the first openly non-binary performer to receive an Emmy nomination.

"That is a particular something that I never assumed was for me. I didn't know that was something I could access. The fact that someone else outside of me doesn't have to think that way... that is the most wonderful part of that whole experience," Clemons-Hopkins said.

"Hacks" is streaming now on HBO Max.

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