Brendan Penny Kicks Off Valentine's Day Season In New Hallmark Film, 'Beverly Hills Wedding' | CPTV

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Love is in the air...especially on Hallmark Channel.

Hallmark is releasing new romantic comedy Beverly Hills Wedding, which follows a woman and her ex-boyfriend as they plan the wedding ceremony of their siblings.

Brendan Penny stars in the film and is giving fans the inside scoop as to how the love story preps fans for the romantic season.

"My relationship with the made of honor is.... she was my once kind-of high school girlfriend and the love of my life, and now, it is actually my brother that's getting married to her sister. This is pretty much going to bring us back into each other's lives," Penny said.

The film takes place in the heart of Beverly Hills luxury, right where the romantic feelings rekindle.

"We got to do a lot of that kind of extravagant stuff in this movie, where it's not just kind of small town stuff, but it's actually Beverly Hills, and all of the excitement that comes along with that."

You can catch Beverly Hills Wedding February 6th on Hallmark Channel.

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